You will not miss a task with CRM module

The CRM module is a great way to make business communication easier with existing and potential clients. You may advance each communication with further steps such as setting the deadline for the engagement, assigning a responsible employee, and so on.

The set of tasks goes through the whole system, and you can assign individual tasks to employees, teachers, but also to students or a specific course. For all scheduled events, the system sends a reminder and sends it to the responsible person's e-mail, reminding him/her even after logging into the system.

What does CRM and set of tasks offer?

  • All tasks at one place in MyCat

  • Clear history of communication with potential clients and students

  • System automatically monitors deadlines for each tasks, alerting you of them as well

  • Separate communication with client's individual contact persons

Substitute tuition market

Do not waste time looking for substitute teachers

The moment you need to find a substitute teacher simply send an offer to all suitable teachers with required qualification who are not occupied with just one click.

Each lesson will be taken care of

Teachers who are interested in substituting first apply and then you choose which teacher to assign the lesson to.

Substitute tuition market saves time for coordinators otherwise spent phone calling the teachers, automizes the whole proces and allows selected teachers to offer their lessons for other teachers to teach.