Mass mailing is not just a communication tool but can also be an advertising one.

In this module, you can divide individual clients into groups and then send them informative mails, as well as newsletters and advertising mails. Mailing is one of the most effective and yet inexpensive types of advertising, that will help you get new clients and make a name for your company.

How does mass mailing work in MyCat?

  • It is possible to set a time appropriate for sending a particular email in advance.
  • Mass mailing can be sent to people you included in each group.

  • Emails are sent through configurable SMTP server and they leave in smaller bulks.
  • It is possible to set an automatic response to recipient's reply.

Phone text communication

The system can also set up automatic sending of text messages to students or teachers in case of lesson cancellation or any other changes in the schedule. You can also use mass text messaging to inform about news in language school.