Easy invoicing in MYCAT

You can send an invoice from our system directly to client's e-mail together with an attachment listing all lessons to be paid for. It is also possible to issue invoices for translations, textbooks, travel or any other services. You can then easily export a list of invoices to your accounting system such as Pohoda, Helios or Abbra. Introducing EET will not be a problem either as we are currently preparing the system for it.


  • Invoicing for tuition provided
  • Invoicing for books and translations

  • Simplified tax document

  • Automatic link to an account

  • Automatic export of invoices to your accounting system

  • Record of cash payments


  • Option to charge with different amounts of VAT on one invoice
  • System for teachers invoicing for school

  • Invoicing for multiple companies (with and without VAT included)

  • Income and expense document

  • Correction tax document (credit note)