In the system you will directly see those orders which are assigned to you

In this module, you manage orders, especially translations and interpretation. There is always a person responsible listed together with a scheduled date of completion for each task according to which the individual orders are sequenced. The system by default displays only those orders which the user is responsible for.

Order management gets simplified by directory of interpreters where you can quickly and easily find the right person for the job. Once the translation or interpretation is completed, you simply issue an invoice to the client and then transfer it conveniently to selected accounting system.

How does working with orders work?

  • Order consists of individual sub-tasks
  • The order and items have a current state assign by which they can be looked up

  • Each order has ist responsible person

  • Choosing translators and interpreters takes just a short moment
  • Invoices can be issued directly from the module for each individual order