Leave your administration to experts.

Information system for language schools.


Information system for language schools.

Leave your administration to experts.

Choose MyCat

Information system for language schools.

Information system, that makes it simple

Managing a language school with MyCat is a piece of cake. All necessary information including courses, changes, substitute tuition and economy can be found in one place.

All information about tuition, students, courses and economy can be found in once place.

We have been developing system MyCat since 2010 based on experience of language schools both in CR and SR

Time once spent doing administration work can now be used doing other important stuff.

MyCat makes work simpler for over 70 language schools in Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Co je to MyCAT

Language courses management

Easily maintain an observation of ongoing courses and scheduled tuition. Cancelling lessons, looking up possible substitute teachers or creating new courses will even become fun.


System will calculate how much to charge for and then send the invoice straight to client’s email address. It also allows mass invoice import to your accounting system. MyCat also keeps an eye on incoming payments from bank account.

Library and store

System includes a database of textbooks and other publications meaning you can easily see which books are lent to either students or teachers, who bought which publication and how many of them are in stock.

Keeping track of translators and translations

Get a comprehensive overview of ongoing orders. In the system, you can easily find a translator or interpreter for a new job. Orders are also linked with invoicing. The system will notify translators when the order is fully agreed upon and invoiced.

Linking with web

Using the e-form on your website, those interested in studying will appear in the MyCat order list. From this list, you admit them directly to the course and send them application form and invoice.

Communication via e-mail and texts

System can easily take care of mass mailing and phone texts to specific user groups. System will automatically alert users about changes in lesson schedule, unreturned textbooks or a near credit exhaustion.

Who already loves MyCat?

These language schools use MyCat today. That allows them to spend more time doing what they love and less time worrying about their administration with clear overview of ongoing tuition, teachers and invoicing. Let our information system do the work for you.